HES has a leading position in the European dry and liquid bulk market. And we are, just like you, in full development. Are you looking for the perfect place for an internship or a graduation project? Whether you are learning to be a logistics employee, operator, engineer, safety expert, logistics employee or business administrator; our group offers you a world full of possibilities.


We have room for both internships and graduation internships at all educational levels. In addition to being a great place to learn or graduate, HES also offers an excellent internship allowance and a travel allowance for locations that are difficult to commute to by public transport.

Talent and skills are not tied to geographical boundaries, cultural background, age, gender or level of education. Neither are we! Whoever you are, we value you and your unique perspectives.

Our terminals are recognized as a training company. With countless well-experienced colleagues, there is always someone to help you further. Who can mentor you, or who can teach you the tricks of the trade. Doing an internship at HES can mean a quick start to a wonderful career, and if it suits both parties, that career may just be at HES itself!
Motivated students with a passion for the energy transition, technology, port or logistics have come to the right place. In a dynamic and international environment, we have vacancies for students from different programs at University (of Applied Sciences) level yearly.
You have just or are about to graduate and are at the beginning of your career. HES offers you a world full of possibilities. By combining knowledge and experience, we can take you and HES further, so that we can both continue to develop and contribute to the world of tomorrow.



Set your own course and success! Our Young Professionals program has three pillars: getting to know yourself better, developing your leadership skills and getting to know HES International in all its facets. Discover answers to questions such as: what are my strengths and where should I develop further? How do I manage a team? How do I ensure more mutual understanding? In addition, the internal company wide connection is important. We think it’s important that the participants get to know each other and HES International better. Especially in the development towards a unified HES, it is important that these people get to know the various HES companies, each other and in order to work well together, beyond the boundaries of their own location.

'As a 17-year-old I started at EMO as an intern operational employee Port Operations, at level 2. I liked all aspects so much that I also got the opportunity to reach level 3 and 4. I recently joined our internal fire department. It gives me a safe feeling to be able to offer help in emergency situations. My future? I want to eventually work on that beautiful loading bridge!'
Tessa van de Beek
I worked as a contract manager at the HES Hartel Tank Terminal for four years, recently I became a business development analyst at OBA-IGMA. I think it is important that I continuously develop myself on both a personal and professional level. That is why it is very great to get the opportunity to follow the Young Professionals program in addition to my new position. My new role requires other skills, such as being able to present yourself well, this specific aspect is extensively addressed in the program. Furthermore, I am sure that the ideas that are exchanged between the other young managers within HES are very valuable. We learn a lot from each other and know how get in touch after the program!'
Rutger Klevringa
Business Development Analyst
'My job as a terminal representative at HES Gdynia Bulk Terminal requires a lot of communication between our terminal and, for example, ships and shipping companies. But I don't have much contact with HES colleagues from terminals in other countries. That's one of the reasons why I'm very happy to have the opportunity to join this program. I hope to become a better professional and at the same time get to know other young managers within HES International. We exchange experiences and learn a lot. Above all,  I learn a lot about the HES Group as a whole!'
Szymon Wangler
Terminal Respresentative
'I work at HES Wilhelmshaven Tank Terminal in the oil accounting and customer service department. My main personal goal in this program is to build more self-confidence and develop more so-called "soft leadership skills", that will have a positive impact on my career. It also helps to get to know other colleagues from the terminals and thus have a better overview of what is happening within HES International as a group.'
Christian Birkhahn
Oil Accounting & Customer Service
‘As second-year HR students, we think we are really lucky with our internship at HES headquarters. Everyone is very open and approachable, also in departments other than HR. Our opinion is valued and the advice we give gets implemented. Because we are involved in every facet of the HR profession, this internship is more than just an orientation: we also learn where our own interests lie within HR. There is a very nice atmosphere in the office, which makes us feel like part of the team. And that also applies to the terminals that we visited. We wish everyone such a great and educational internship!'
Beau van Eijkeren and Michelle van der Geest
Interns Human Resource Management – Hogeschool Rotterdam


The SDG Challenge is a project from the youth agency Soapbox, in which ten student teams try to solve a sustainability issue on behalf of participating leading organizations. Together they have been working on a challenge of the organization in the field of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in recent months. The question that HES had put to the students was how to create a better male-female ratio in the HES group. Our students have worked on it and won the audience award with it! Their solution? You can read all about it on our website.